Who are you?

Who are you?

54 thoughts on “Who are you?”

  1. I personally no longer look at this ridiculous paradox. Too many people in my opinion hold others to their actions as if there’s a certain action greater or lesser than another. We should instead look the character of an individual. It’s impossible to live a life without making or doing something that will have someone calling your actions devilish or heavenly. By now people in general should be able to have some sense of what actions on their part should not be done or not.

  2. How appropriate. My name signifies both demon and angel. In Latvian pagan beliefs, Mara is the highest ranking goddess, Mother Earth, the feminine counterpart of God. In Buddhism, Mara is the demon that challenged and tempted Buddha. Identity crisis? Nah.

  3. My attitude to others depends on their actions or whatever they bring out in me. I do like letting ppl know not just that they offend me or piss me off but how and the thing thats wrong with them that makes them be that way etc bad i dont think so it the same as telling someone they have pasta sauce on their nose Sometimes ppl need to b told right in front of them literally. Do they think u bad or mean 4 helping them avoid future embarassment so it good. I think it OUR MOTIVATION THAT MAKES The distinction right. If u do something 4 personal gain over another person thing etc U r being Selfish, bad right.

  4. for some it could be ‘an eye for an eye, & a tooth for a tooth”…for others it maybe, smacked on one cheek, give the other to be smacked…for me i look up to my God for help when im driven to extremes in these most difficult of all times…other than this…”do good, get good”…

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