Whenever You Feel Lost Remember This

Whenever you feel lost, remember this

Whenever you feel lost, remember this: there are still over 7 billion people left for you to meet. There are nearly two hundred beautiful countries for you to explore. There are so many new exciting foods you haven’t tried yet. There are still so many beautiful adventures to be had. So, just hold on, there are so many wonderful things coming your way.

33 thoughts on “Whenever You Feel Lost Remember This”

  1. And then you realize that working 2 jobs is still barely making ends meet and you don’t have money for a passport, flights, or gas unless you give up paying rent and eating for 6 months..

  2. You choose Hopeless or Not
    Any other feeling or Self Opinion
    There Doesn’t Need to be A want for tomorrow just be Happy with not needing to want anything be content for awhile simply appreciating That You Needs are All you need to Give you a Smile for a Day And a Day doesn’t have to last just until The Sun goes down … There is No Spoon?! So There can be time without The Sun and moon at a stretch and that’s What – what we do when we have nothing but Our Needs We stretch Them out to Last as long as They can Just like how you use Your Mouth

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