When you are about to leave a place

When you are about to leave a place

Have you too felt this way ?

16 thoughts on “When you are about to leave a place”

  1. I get this feeling whenever I leave a place, no matter how long I've been there. It might be leaving a job or moving to a new area It maybe when a holIday is coming to an end, or even a night out! No matter how much fun I've had I always feel sad and the next day I just feel empty and lonely because I miss the people or the place so much.

  2. Everytime I return from a vacation, every time I had to change my address and everytime in childhood when my father's transferable job took us to different parts of the country and I had to change schools and leave my friends behind….I felt this way…..

  3. To be honest never thought from this perceptive….always felt missed those people and places …now understand i did loose a part of me in every good bye !
    May be which got compensated in every reunion or fresh encounters …as life has to be balanced!
    Thanks for this post .

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