When One Nourishes The Soul

When one nourishes the soul
Sherry Greene

When one nourishes the soul,
One blossoms and becomes whole.



Mark Mye Word

I am responsible
for my own growth


Rinku Shah

Water your soul,
You can’t give from an empty bowl.
Quenching its thirst,
Self-love comes first.
Once you grow your own flowers,
You will discover your hidden powers!



Tanu Malhotra

Sprinkle one self with self love and respect,
allow it to heal under the rays of hope.
Soon shall bloom from within the buds of happiness,
to spread around the fragrance of cheer,
prosperity and growth...



Sulekha Pande

All my life,
I lived with strife,
I loved everyone else,
I cared, I nurtured,
now I shower in self love,
I care for my me,
I want to come
out of my gloom,
and allow my soul to bloom




Jaimie Mazzone

We must tend our inner garden with care.
Weed by weed we must pull
to make room for more growth.
By loving oneself,
we can bloom from within.



Sarrvesh Waran

As you grow each day,
remember to accept yourself and love yourself.
Both the thorns and flowers are a part of you.
We are all that way darling,
so don’t be blue.
Embrace your flaws
and love your miscellaneous hue.



Sulekha Pande

The love you bestow upon others,
turn the nozzle towards self,
of those showers,
nourish your soul,
replenish your goals,
and watch the blooming flowers.



Samuel Jones

To prove to myself, that I am whole,
I make it a point, to nourish my soul.
It's not with vanity, that I take such care,
but to make self sufficient, a daily affair.




Nancy Shurkoff

Self love - the best nourishment
for making the soul flourish.



Aayat Sharma

Nourish your roots.
and see the magic that blooms




Amanda Thompson

Nurture yourself
and you will bloom



Happy Honey

You must nourish your passion
to flourish


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