When actions have spoken the truth

When actions have spoken the truth


What would you believe more – when actions and words are not much in sync

15 thoughts on “When actions have spoken the truth”

  1. Yes. As much as you want to believe the words of someone you've cared about and trusted for so long, that inner voice has whispered the truth of it in your heart and it's only a matter of letting go of the illusion in order to find something real for yourself. Easier said then done but I'm trying my best in my own personal circumstance and I believe I'm succeeding in letting go of the lie a little at a time.

    1. Acceptance of What Is – is a Big thing at times.. We in a relationship – with a friend or a partner, do not want our perception to be proved wrong. More of a self defeat scenario. The ego doesnt want us to accept what is.

  2. Never listen to what they say only listen to what they do. This holds true for your relationship partner and politicians.

  3. Who truly knows! In the beginning, words gave life, created special things; now in these days words have the means to kill everything!!! So u wonder about what u should believe, what is truly meant, what was their intent, there are so many things to screen, action!!!!

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