The Wheel Of Life Keeps Me Going

The Wheel Of Life Keeps Me Going
Barbara Bauer

The wheel of life keeps me going.

Rinku Shah

Like the cogs in motion,
Keep the machine moving.
Feed your soul with passion,
To not exist…but start living!

Hrisha Paul

Look back at the beautiful mechanics of life.
Those wheels of pain and pleasure spin as I move.
Yes, we’re one dear life,
driving and pushing in the nothingness
like the waves in ocean.

Karthik Parthasarathy

In alignment with life,
With no internal strife,
Am I in control of what I do?
No idea as to what is true.
At times, there is a mysterious hand,
Other times, it is just my stand.
Which of this is true?
I have got no clue.

Sherry Greene

The wheels of time
are continually at my back.

Rinku Shah

Don’t die before you live,
More you shall receive than you give.
This body and life are sacred…
Not like a machine automated.
There is an invisible account,
Make each breath count!


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