What’s the worst way to respond to I love You?

 February 17, 2017

What's the worst way to respond to I love You?

What’s the worst way to respond to I love You?

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  1. Worst response that I’ve experienced, with angry tears of a complete psychopathic nature… “dont make me hate you”
    Best response that I’ve experienced, while smiling and a few tears of complete grattitude and surprise “I dont know why”. followed with the laugh and a hug That’ll last a lifetime.

    I experienced these 30 min from eachother. From the same person. All that happened in between was complete silence. And hearts beating. It was the most sure thing ive ever known to actually love someone unconditionally. And though my love of life is an unrequited love, i love myself for loving him because he too needs someone to love him. And it makes it all worth it when he comes to accept that someone here on this planet see’s him as their entire universe. Love Is For Everyone. And though he doesnt tell me, i know that at those moments, he truely does know im his cozy home and im not forclosed. I wont live forever. But i live much better because through loving him, ive found A_L.I.F.E and i couldnt be much more happier. All Love Is Found Eternal. it started with Love In Full Effect. And though we are in a period of him hating love. Love is patient. And gives his space. And without saying much more, his initials are SHQ. And im a writer. Mine are LIF. And its my desire to love someone because never have i felt like i was special. My love runs deep. Who would have ever know .

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