152 thoughts on “What’s one thing that’s happened to you that has made you a stronger person?”

  1. Toxic social environments since my early teens! 🙁 Right now trying to own my life, as I realized you choose where you live and who’s around you! 🙂 People should be aware that toxic people can destroy you and your life, so keep away!!

  2. Standing up for myself and my 4 boys… I always did what my older sister ,my mother, ex’es , and kids father wanted from me and of me. I had no say, I admit I’ve done some remarkably careless mistakes and stunts in my life but without them. ( mistakes ) I would’nt be the mother / person I’ve become now. Its my life I will take over my life,now thank you.

  3. Becoming a widow at the same time I became a new mother. Having to go through the system in order to ensure when my daughter became of age she would know her father was murdered unjustly and WE did not run and hide, but fought for the truth to be known. 22 at the time, soldier, new mother and new widow by the end of the same day.

  4. Pain given by those people whom i considered my whole lyf.. Bt the bigger part is God protected nd just pulled me out of those situations making me even stronger.. 🙂 <3

  5. Actually i had two things happen to me, first having a 11yrs relationship and turn into nothing and second a having a Bitch sister who been bullying me for two years. Im almost thinking to end up my life coz cant stand the pain inside of me, but there was an open door for me to start all over again and thats the person who help me to stand up and live a new life again. And now i am on the stage that i am starting to build a new me and forget about my bad past and live happy without fear and free from heart aches.

  6. I don’t know that I have been made stronger, however I have survived sexual and physical and emotional abuse. I am a survivor but I do not equate that with having gotten stronger.

    1. You are still here. You are not afraid to let others know. You are able to define what has happened to you without what appears here to be bitterness. That is what being stronger means in this case. It does not mean necessarily one is perfect, able to leap tall buildings, or with amnesia can’t recall. It means you are still getting up in the morning, realizing you are still breathing and getting out of bed moving….One breath, moment, hour, day at at a time, stronG!

  7. My 15 yr old son was killed by a distracted driver while riding his bike on the way to school. If that kind of pain doesn’t make someone grow, what a terrible rest of your life to live. It took a long time, but I’m stronger now. Blessings to you who have been through the fire and not been destroyed. XO

  8. I don’t have drastic memories. Reading other people comments here makes me feel that I’m lucky enough that I didn’t experience that but maybe the reason why he never let me hurt that much because even in smallest problem, I tend to lose myself.

  9. Acceptance.

    Acceptance in human psychology is a person’s assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition (often a negative or uncomfortable situation) without attempting to change it or protest.

  10. My grandparents on my dads side watched me when my parents were working. I became pretty independant by age 4. My grandpa showed me how to do things like making my own lunch and pouring milk from a small pitcher to a cup, using the phone calling my friends to see if I could come over and play with them for the day. Learning how to cross the street by age 5 from school to my grandpas house that lived right across the street from the school. Going through my parents divorce playing pickle in the middle at age 10, My grandmother on my dads side passing away from breast cancer at age 10, My gram on my moms side watching me while my mom was working at the airlines at age 10-15, My mother bringing me and my dad down with verbal abuse from age 6-15, She yelled at everyone that was close to her and brought them all down, her mother, my dad, her second husband and me, Moving in with my father and stepmom at age 16, Going through issues with my father and stepmoms marriage at age 17, Moving in with my gram on my moms side my senior year in high school at age 17, Moved to IL with my boyfriend at age 18, Going through my dads second divorce, Got married at age 23, Going through money issues buying a fixer upper house that I didn’t want in the first place but he wanted to own a house so bad and he didn’t realize the cost of it all at age 23 almost 24, Dealing with a husband that turned into a stubborn, bossy, lazy, selfish, greedy person trying to take control over me that tried to have me fix things around the house and he wasn’t doing much to help, not much at all, having me pay way beyond my income so I had a hard time paying my other bills and struggling to get by, He would say I owe this and I owe that to him and saying no was not exceptable, I had to owe him, I got fed up with him, Moved in with my dad at age 26 with no money but my next pay check on the way, Got a divorce at age 27, Going through my grams alzhiemers disease and her passing away from my moms side from age 26-34. Going through my moms cancer and passing away from age 35-37. Getting through life and dealing with it all. I had a lot of things that happened to me that made me strong because I had to be strong. It wasn’t easy but I got through it all.

  11. It was a surprisingly quiet moment in my early 30’s. But, in retrospect, it was building up inside me. I was in a meeting as a young engineer with very high level engineers, scientists, managers and executives because of some engineering/business crisis at the corporation where I worked. I knew sooner or later I would be asked to comment on what happened and why and felt very intimidated by it. I observed how others did what I had done for my few years at the corporation – that is they would carefully craft a politically correct response to give them plausible deniability for their role, not ruffle feathers and please their superiors. But something turned over in me. I saw them as just people like me, although better dressed, better compensated, perhaps some were smarter, some not so smart and they had high level titles. But, on this day, I just saw them as people. Just men and women with no REAL claim to superiority. Such profound peace seemed to just flow within me with this realization. I felt no need to please; no need to be afraid if my motive was not to confront but to inform with simple honesty. So, when I spoke, I said the truth the best I understood it. I took responsibility for my role without any qualms. I looked directly into the eyes and faces of those who asked questions as equals, as just a person asking a question, even a couple who tried to put me on the spot with clever questions. I even asked back, “what bothers you about my answer?” and was surprised to see they became flustered even though that was not my intention. I just wanted to understand where they were coming from. Since then, in work and in life, I eschew blaming anyone for anything and simply take personal responsibility for my life as much as I can. On that day an incredible sense of freedom came into my life and has remained ever since. I became more successful in the corporate world as a result (I believe) but it was the feeling of freedom that was by far the larger joy.

  12. I was stabbed 17 times and had my neck sliced by my abusive ex boyfriend of 8 years. Since then I’ve been through therapy and over 15 surgeries. Though it all my current boyfriend and best friend has stood by me through everything. This has made me more wiser and stronger than I’ve ever been. Life has a way to put you on the right path. Mine was a bit more disturbing than most. But I believe that my second chance has given me a more positive life and a better future.

    1. man–mee too–trouble–miss my big german shepherd therapy dog–protection—am not allowed–where i live with my old bat abusive parents–to–have–gotta ratchet–my –life–and leaveand never look back–

  13. Divorce of parents, death of my father, endured child molestation from 7-14 by step grandfather and stepfather, being tricked into signing over parental rights of my daughter to my mother, having daughter “given” to my so called sister after my mother’s death, stories made up about me in order to justify wrong doings of sister who has my daughter, and abandonment of so called friends and family due to these rumors!

  14. Parents divorce…living through and coming out stronger in a narcissistic marriage..and the passing of my grandpa recently…who I told everything to..I still wake up every day…fighting through it all.

    1. Yes ma’am. Recently I have started to check out a lot of pages to help me understand the brain and functionality (or lack thereof) of narcissists and also pages for those in the aftermath to help heal and they have been super helpful to help me finally reverse some of the feelings I lived with of thinking I was the crazy one and reversing the negative self esteem effects. I don’t know if you’ve checked out any of those types of pages, but if you haven’t, I highly recommend it.

    2. Yes ma’am. Recently I have started to check out a lot of pages to help me understand the brain and functionality (or lack thereof) of narcissists and also pages for those in the aftermath to help heal and they have been super helpful to help me finally reverse some of the feelings I lived with of thinking I was the crazy one and reversing the negative self esteem effects. I don’t know if you’ve checked out any of those types of pages, but if you haven’t, I highly recommend it.

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