What is worse

What is worse

What is worse ?

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  1. i was thinking recently i bekieve changing the way you think is easy it requires nearly no effort it just happens. just nobody kniws exactly how to do it
    i came to this conclusion vecause i have changed my mibd vefore for the better just cabt quite pinpoint exactly how it happened

  2. The Minds Journal, Both ???
    Actually, my mind and heart are having an argument most of the time…both have a point, but which should i listen to??? My mind or my heart…therefore i asked God’s guidance and lift everything to the Lord…the mind and heart should meet at a certain point where there will be harmony between them.

  3. I think both are equally wonderful. It’s an opportunity to feel and think in a way that’s truly unique. Any gift has its good and bad points, but if you’re aware of them you can use it in a very positive way in your life. I accept my gifts gratefully.

  4. Learning HOW to think differently n not over ripping it to a dwell on same topic to obsessive point…. learning to HOW just allow all those feelings FREELY n move through you & pass on= Learning how to become Aware of our thoughts, & feeling them in a accepting as a nonjudgemential observer. I don’t react anymore- I am able to respond and learn a deeper meaning by these methods. I am human, and on occasion, I loose my shit too- it’s life 😛

  5. They are both worst because all the unnecessarily things that happened around as brings worst especially when some people part of it that gives the way how to think to much & the feelings to get over are both forcing you for no limitations that leads others person for being crazy

  6. Over thinking is worse. Overfeel is not dangerous.its a devotion . symbol of dedication
    What U love ,U r feeling so its not soooo bad.so avoid more thinking unnecessarily
    Whenever mind starts to think divert it .n try to do something different.talk to Ur fast friends .see comedy films or listen to music.

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