What is the key ingredient to make a relationship work?

What is the key ingredient to make a relationship work?
What is the key ingredient to make a relationship work?

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  1. Communication, trust, listening, kindness, and respect. Never call each other bad names(even joking), understanding, being able to make each other laugh, and MAKING the time for the other person.
    To top all of this off never want to quit or give up when it gets rough and tough (because it will!).
    Lastly, making sure YOU work hard at this(your relationship) everyday.
    (When your significant other sees/notices you doing all this for them and the relationship, I guarantee that they will start doing the same in return.!!) —–***(if they see this and don’t reciprocate, then you should know then and there that their not the one for you!!!***

  2. Empathy. True empathy requires: trust, kindness/compassion to a degree, interest/ motivation, communication, emotional maturity, respect (positive regard as a fellow independent human being); Valuing what the other person feels and thinks, willingness to walk in other’s shoes.

  3. The ability to listen remaining silent while ur partner is telling or sharing something , complaining.. when they do that they expect you just only to listen…

  4. my mum once said if you love someone you want what they want too then in return they are happy and fufill your needs say sorry first cause some are too stubborn and forgive quickly yep bout all i got and above else love one another

  5. Allowing yourself to see the other person for who they are, true communication. Not judging each other, wanting to learn to improve yourself for one another. Mutual respect, trust, love.. these things break and bring down barriers.. sometimes it’s a process though.

  6. Many things are important. However too many unrealistic expectations ruin a lot of relationships full of love.

    Fully accept your love for who they really are and not who you think they should be.

  7. Honesty , without being honest to other , it all falls to pieces , honesty is foundation ,it builds trust , which is start to true love , unconditional.

  8. Good communication………..not assuming things…………being open and honest………..being supportive of each other…………listening……….compassion , kindness, respect respect respect

  9. Compromise, listening, caring, respect, joy, honesty, forgiveness, sharing, good communication, resilence, trust, living life, intelligent, time, nature…being yourselfs & growing. Define unconditional love?

  10. We all wants to be understood. Not just by words, but when we mess with words, or when we are unable to say the every bit of how we feel, what we want, don’t want even the deeper meaning and feeling of it. When you understand or care to feel the deeper need of the person, you can make any dead relationship work (if the other person is genuinely look forward to build the relationship with you, from any point.) . Understanding itself comes along with trust on the one, care for the one, love for the one which insists you to understand the one. It’s most important to care to understand and extremely rare to be understood. I deeply adore when I’m deeply understood by someone.

  11. I would say there are many key ingredients to making a relationship work. In reflection the most profound one is open and honest communication even if it’s communicating things you never would imagine sharing. To have that level of openness you need love, trust, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, respect, and a willingness to work through wherever you are (either person) in the relationship. Love is the easy part in my opinion. It’s all the other ingredients that matter to impact whether or not the relationship evolves and grows.

  12. There is a lot that could make a relationship work but for is the love for each other what make relationship work 🙂

    There are a lot of couple who fight everyday but refuse to break up because of one thing there love for each other is much stronger than their problems

  13. I still find many still think a relationship= ownership. If I knew then what I know now, I’d stay single. Far less drama and aggravation. However, if you really feel the need to be coupled, an open relationship is best. Love each other in such a way that the other person feels free. Can’t say that enough.

  14. Understanding, is the key of any relationship, cos if u understand each other there will be no room for ny question n answer, without saying u cn hear wat other wana say. No misunderstanding can arise btwn two. So try to understand cos sometime the Time might not b in ur favor bt just have faith n don’t give up….

  15. Understanding is the fundamental cornerstone. If you can understand someone else’s needs, desires, love, ways of communication, if you understand their level of trust in you, and their compatibility to your own personality, then You will find long term long lasting relationships. It’s understanding. The ability to understand the many many aspects of any relationship.

  16. Commitment to work threw any cross road. Trust, and Love. Anyone can fall in and out of Love again. But, it takes commitment to stay in any relationship. Common spiritual belief, communication, trust more than anything. Love above all else. All these are needed in a relationship

  17. There are mamy many, but I would honestly say compatability, only then can you communicate effectively, then trust, and eventually forever love with undying passion and commitment.

  18. Respect, sing it with me. . . . . . R e s p e c t . . . . . if you have respect you have everything else. If you don’t have everything else it’s not respect.


  20. Understanding. If you understand their behavior, how they love, how they feel loved, what makes them tick, their passions and their quirks then the entire relationship will be based on unconditional love.

  21. I think trust and respect is the key ingredient in a relationship.
    If you don’t have that, then you don’t have a relationship..loving someone is not enough.

  22. Many ingredients create a long lasting relationship it’s never one and never can be. Never believe its all about yourself, never live in a fantasy world, don’t compare, compromise, be able to love someone else more so then yourself, trust, respect, loyalty, patience, understanding, keep everyone else out of it, love unconditional, comittment list goes on and on. A relationship is like a job in a way you must want it enough to work at it to give it your all full heartedly❤

  23. If it’s only one thing, I’d say trust. Because without trust, there is no communication and honesty and love. And once you lose trust, the whole relationship just falls apart.

    1. Well I think if you don’t attract people like that you aren’t really yourself like that. Tolerant enough to let others be like they are that is. Therefore I believe you need to work on yourself more. It’s a fact that you always attract people alike yourself. And working on yourself never ends.

    1. Nainy Arora (I’m still trying to figure that out!)
      Without self-love/ respect you cannot be emotionally/ spiritually/ physically stable enough to love another in a relationship – because I guess how can one give to another something they cannot even give to themself 🙂 if that makes any sense?

  24. Communication to each other and not to third parties, trust upon each other and respect for each other from your heart and not according to someone else’s whims and fancies. Last but most important treat each as ur compliment or rather equal and not as one inferior to you….thus making decisions together rather than someone else making them on your behalf.

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