What is God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) all about?

As we know Albert Einstein enunciated the “Theory of Special Relativity” in the year 1905 and, later on, in the year 1915 – the “General Theory of Relativity” and though he was on a good stead to enunciate what he nicknamed “Theory of Everything” or a “Unified Theorem of All Theorems”, he somehow could not accomplish this task during his life score.  

As the name of theory implies it raises a question – can a “Theory of Everything” be called a theory of everything even if it did not cover things such as “Spiritualism”  and “Divinity” that are, at present, beyond the realm of science? 

If he would have succeeded in his final leg of understanding the universe, it would have hopefully opened the doorway of physics to spiritualism – which has been a taboo for the physicists as if it is like a mirage we see in a dessert during hot blazing summer which gives us an illusion that there may be an oasis ahead even though there is no oasis, in sight.

The fact is – spiritualism is not like a mirage since we have been blessed with the following three types of visions besides the vision developed by us through our technological prowess.

  • Our ability to see what may be happening in front of our eyes is the first type of vision. What we see through this type of vision is real.
  • Our ability to see things we see in dreams when we are fast asleep is the second type of vision. What, we see in dreams is virtual.
  • This type of vision lets us see the things that have yet to happen – the way a mystic like Baba Vanga (1911 – 1996) could have seen three decades back that China would become a Superpower in the year by 2019 and all such things she could have seen even though she had become blind at the age of twelve, itself. This is a type of vision that is quite spectacular. We may call it as well, spiritual vision.   

The vision acquired by us through our technological prowess

This type of vision lets us see what may be happening on the other side of the globe the same way as the people sitting on the other side of the globe are able to see that has been made possible by developing the technique of stationing communication-satellites in the sky to some of which, we transmit the digitised “audio-video pictures” of what may be happening on the other side of the globe which they beam back toward all over the earth so that the people of the whole world may be able to see what is happening anywhere in the world on their TVs and, now, even on their smartphones from anywhere in the world – in the form of a live show.

But there is nothing very special about it since what we see in this manner is also real. It is on the go. But what we see through spiritual vision is not on the go. It is something that has yet to happen

It is not happening somewhere that we could have seen through any other type of vision.

It is a unique type of vision, in itself.     

As we know, there are many things that are not in our own hands, in our life.

For instance, we couldn’t have decided the parameters related to our birth, such as – where we should have born, when we should have born, who should have been our parents, who should have been our siblings, who should have been our uncles and aunts or what should have been their mindsets, their nationality, their religions or social status.

We couldn’t have decided what sort of neighbourhood we shall spend our childhood, the standard of the schools where we shall study or who shall be our teachers or friends and all such things.

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