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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Moving In With Friends

Pros and Cons Moving In With Friends

Moving in with friends can sound like a perfect idea to young and single individuals hoping to start a life away from their parent’s homes or wherever their jobs take them. However, it also comes with its downsides, with its worst side being potentially straining your relationship with your best friend. 

That’s why you may want to consider all the pros and cons of moving in with friends before making that move. Before looking at the good and the ugly sides of moving in with friends, let’s first understand how living with friends affects home insurance. 

How Does Moving in with Friends Affect Your Home Insurance?

If you have home insurance coverage, moving in with a partner could cause issues in the event of an incident. It is, therefore, essential to consider communication with your insurance provider about your moving in plans and how it will affect your coverage or choose to take up a plan with another insurer.

Shopping for home insurance can be complicated considering the sheer number of providers in the market, and you want to get yourself the best deal. If you feel stuck in your hunt for a home insurer, this home and contents insurance comparison resource can make the job easy for you. 

Pros and Cons of Moving In With Friends

1. Cost-Sharing

The decision to move in with friends is sometimes motivated by sharing expenses such as rent, bills, groceries, and other household expenses. A person can save hundreds of dollars to meet other needs by moving in.

Based on your background, there is the possibility that your contribution towards the bills accrued may vary. For example, one party could be spending five minutes in the shower, while the other spends 30 minutes every day. That can cause a significant impact on utility bills and leave one party feeling like they are getting a raw deal in utility bills.

2. You Always Have Someone to Hang Out With

There is nothing quite as good as coming home from school or work to the people you love spending time with. When living with friends, you are assured they will always have your back and will be willing to support you no matter what.

Living close to your friend for a long time means getting to notice some of your best friend’s traits you may have never noticed, some of which could be repulsive. Unfortunately, this can result in a strained relationship that you could have avoided if you did not move in with your friend.

3. Shared Chores

A living space comes with duties that include preparing meals, washing dishes, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, etc. Living with friends means you can share the house chore. 

One could be preparing the meal while the other is dusting or vacuuming the house. Alternatively, you can create a routine where everybody knows what they should do and when.

Some people hate doing chores, and you may not know until you move in with them, which can cause tensions that could destroy a once good relationship. The best idea in avoiding such a scenario is setting ground rules from the word go and enforcing them just as it would be if you were strangers sharing a home.


There is no way of telling if moving in with friends is a good or bad idea. To some people, this arrangement has created lasting bonds between friends, while to others, it has been the source of bitter-ending relationships. The best idea is to consider the above pros and cons to identify the right move.