We cut down the things that keep us alive

We cut down the things that keep us alive

Ceona Chambers

We cut down the things
that keep us alive,
without noticing
until we fall

Happy Honey

If we destroy nature,
nature will destroy us

Ceona Chambers

We don’t acknowledge
the lives we take
until it effects our own

Pallavi Chittora

Happiness through destruction
will always be short-lived.

Rinku Shah

As you chop down the bark,
It’s your future that turns dark
And Death is not far away.
A heavy price to pay!

Han NaHan

What you’ve done to nature,
eventually will return to you.

Om Agarwal

Don’t act in a way
that you dig
your own burial space.

Karthik Parthasarathy

As we continue cutting trees,
Are we destroying nature?
Or the environment for humans to thrive.
Nature will continue to survive.
We,though, might be put out to pasture.

Rajeev K Singh

Trees are friends & trees are mate.
Dont cut them,ruin them ,dont hate.
End will be near, nature will not wait.
Arise ,awake & preserve,
before it’s too late..

Sulekha Pande

Cutting life off,
death and end
are not far off..

Emmanuel Onome Omoghare

Destroying nature
is like destroying oneself.

Hina Jain

Destroy nature and
nature will destroy you.

Ola Sukkarieh

What goes around
comes around

Priyanka Tripathi

We become insane,
And cause ourselves pain!
Your hurtful axe for the tree
Will bring in your life – the misery!

Sam Titi Pudumo

With ignorance,
comes your demise

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