Voracious Eater Of Time

Voracious Eater Of Time
Karthik Parthasarathy

Voracious eater of time,
Not worth more than a dime,
That’s what Facebook is good at,
Might end up making me a nut.
High time I take control,
Set myself time goals,
After all, it is my time,
Ought to do more than just whine.

Richa Kalra

Don’t feed facebook
your valuable time;
A platform where people showcase
their fake emotions;
Hold back the craving
of following this regime;
Before it becomes nothing
but an addiction.

Drishti Nagdeo

You scroll every hour
that you’re awake,
And Facebook
swallows your time
as if it were a cake.
To the beauty of the world,
you’re oblivion,
To Internet,
you have become a minion!

Francine Climer

Self-imposed theft of reality

Mai Quesada

a voracious consumer of time!
Restrain the use of it
for a more relevant time usage!

Barbara Bauer

Facebook is taking a bite
out of my time everyday.

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