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We are living in a world where time control us. We have been time’s slaves for years and years. Let’s take a deep look on how we live, people seem always busy all the time, no time for love, no time for family, and even no time for ourselves. We’re running on a tight schedule, work time, party time …. we can not stop this marathon, we will always keep running with no rest, time has no mercy, either you kill it or it will kill you, a strong must  be brave to win that battle, to stop time and  to look around you , is that what you want ? are you the same person ? look what you’ve lost.

With time we watched our beloved one turn into strangers until we can’t recognize them anymore.They say that time will heal our wounds, but it won’t, it will just cover your sad memories with dust, but when you look to a picture or you will watch a video, that dust will fly away with the wind, you will remember everything, you will remember that dear person that is now a stranger, you will try to remember his face, his laugh, his words, and time will open that wound again, you will feel real pain.You can not change your past, or delete your memories, or forget about people that have a place inside your heart, time won’t help you, time won’t let you move on, time won’t heal you, you will keep running with no goal, no purpose, with your fears, your sadness, your insecurities, and time won’t make feel better about yourself, that a false idea, stupid one. time you will make you lose yourself when you’re trying to find inner peace, when you trying to carve your personality, it will only pull you back to the old you, a slave for him, working like a machine, leading  a monotonous life : waking up, eating, dressing up and doing the same things over and over again, without thinking of who you are in this universe, or what you want, or are your  life missing something.

Try to win this game, to break time’s walls, to breath again without suffering from stress, don’t rush things, take enough time to love, to feel the warmth of people, to think properly, to know people more. You will discover that you can climb the ladder of success step by step, no need to work at an early age just  to make money and prove to your family that you did what you promised to do : having a great job, a home and a lovely wife. That not success, and absolutely that not the happiness that you’ve been seeking for, that so ordinary, so normal, and everyone can achieve that , but not everyone can appreciate life, have the courage to take a break from life, to stop time, to travel, to meet new people and that is the only to heal your scar, that ugly wound that will keep you always stuck in sea of feelings, sea of sadness, that is the main purpose that pushes you to rush time.and when you meet new people that empty place inside your heart, that place where you planted poisonous thorns, that dark place, full of hatred, full of void, will be clean from that mess and affection and love  will take place. So, consider time as your enemy and try to stop it to enjoy your youth and to find who you are and what you want.

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