Turn Ons for the Zodiac Signs

Turn Ons for the Zodiac Signs

Turn-on for the Zodiac Signs

Aries: Submission (basically let them push you up against a wall)

Taurus: Being gentle (show them you care about their feelings)

Gemini: Kissing them mid-sentence

Cancer: eyes (show them you want them with your eyes/flirt with ur eyes)

Leo: Hickeys/marks

Virgo: Brutal honesty (like tell them straight up: “I want you”)

Libra: Kisses/sucking right under the jawbone (especially right at the end by the ear)

Scorpio: Element of surprise (usually they like hickeys and marks too)

Sagittarius: PDA Yass!

Capricorn: Soft touches (dancing ur fingers over their legs under the tablecloth)

Aquarius: Getting hot in public places (they like the danger!)

Pisces: Setting (stuff that sets the mood like rose petals, candles etc)

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