Sometimes You Don’t Realize You Are Actually Drowning

Sometimes You Dont Realize

Sometimes you don’t realize you are actually drowning. When you’re trying to be everyone else’s anchor.

28 thoughts on “Sometimes You Don’t Realize You Are Actually Drowning”

  1. <3 this thought process, and ..was.. guilty as charged!! We do tend to loose site of ourselves, because of some form of internal underlying fear & confused perceptions of our own worth n value, I think maybe it's the nature of nurture within our opposing dualities of our natural instincts.

  2. Mother Teresa was all about the simple gesture of smiling. Such a small thing & you never know how it may effect someone's life. Only a real smile although fake ones do work if you just can't muster a real one.

    1. give everything then you go begging thats what happens give one finger and ppl will take whole hand give a bit respect they will climb on to your shoulder and piss on your ears sooo depends on who the receivers are from place to place people are awesome if you really know what i mean

  3. "La folie, c'est de toujours faire la même chose en attendant un résultat différent " A. Einstein Positive point of your topic : it helps to learn, to be and to grow our resilience πŸ˜‰ #Thinklikeaproton πŸ˜€

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  5. It Is good to help people; giving and gifting help lift your spirits and make you feel good in ways that for some, may be too subtle to notice, but can/will be felt later.
    There is, though, a 'set amount' said, for some people, you're pouring out whats in your own cup rather than filling it with good deeds. Its not that its painful per-se to share and smile, but it is exceedingly draining to try and share happiness, what little there is in the cup

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