Try Accepting Yourself And See What Happens

accepting yourself

You have been criticising  yourself for years and it hasn’t worked so long try accepting yourself and see what happens.
-Louise L. Hay, You Can Heal Your Life

5 thoughts on “Try Accepting Yourself And See What Happens”

  1. Yes it is. I often ask myself why if i let pass things as errors in other people and either comfort them in such moments i don't do the same with myself. Since i realized that i' m a little kinder with me. Perfeccionism? Autocritisism? Perhaps a willing to be a little higher of the media? Who knows.. .

  2. …critisism without change or resolution is the problem…one is constantly ''assessing'',this is automatic,natural,and unavoidable in a ''healthy'' organism…as with anything ''intent'' and ''motivation'' should be considered…

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