Trap Me In The Lovely Reflections Between The Pages.. To Nourish the Narcissus Within.

Rinku Shah


 Between the pages of a book
 is a lovely place to be,
Travel to places
you may never really see.
I can breathe a book.
I can taste a book,
Much before I read the book.
Not just read, I crawl into it,
There’s always a character that I fit!



Anjana Surendran


I want to be “Snow white”
at least ones to feel love;
I want to be “Rapunzel”
at least ones to liberate my soul;
I want to be “Elsa”
at least ones to build my own mansion;
The oppressed soul within
yearns to dwell into
fairy tales of imagination.


Ananda Krishnan


 Ah! There is another character with
the splendid shades of mine.
To stay with me
 even after the last word.
to trap me in the lovely reflections
 between the pages.
to nourish the Narcissus within.



Anindya J Ganguly


 I dive in as a black dove 
Through the glass-paned door
Searching for myself in the pages
As I immerse in my soul
Into the words those I read
Of every hue & every shade
To discover a newer me
As I toss, twist & trade
My inner spirit’s tangled thread, 
For joy, pleasure & bliss.



Sulekha Pande


I see me in every book,
I see me in the niche’ and nook,
I see me reaching the farthest star, 
I see me going, going far,
I see me fighting all that’s bad,
I see me soothing all who’re sad,
I see me fight all the wars,
I am me, I am you,
I am a reader just like you.



Aparna Goswami


Self-reflective mechanism,
a lesson well learnt,
through the infinite wisdom of words!
Prize of being a bookworm!


Pam Schaffer


 Sometimes you discover a book
 that captures you and pulls you in.


Sloane Wallace


 The story within the book
was mirrored from the lines on her face….
 a story of life



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