Too Good For Him

Too Good For Him

Face it, he’s a coward. Not scared, hiding, or afraid, but a coward. He won’t shy away because of your personality, humor, or looks; he’s terrified that you will one day be more successful, and people will realize that quickly, in turn making him look weaker than you as a person. He has a great work ethic and strives to be better in the area of life that he’s comfortable in, but that’s the max limit for him. He doesn’t care to see where the next project can take him, no higher goals than to have the picture-perfect country life, or how much he can learn outside his comfort zone.

He is a human who needs someone to depend on him, whether it be in their darkest hour, or a ride home from the bar— he doesn’t pass up a chance to fix or help someone else. That’s how you fell for him; he helped you up when you were below the ground. He took you in and made you believe you were valued, cherished, and loved. All the right words were played out, the romantic dates were often, and the connection was earth-shattering.

But notice something from the very beginning of the relationship; look back and really think about this…

Every time you had a new opportunity, a chance to go farther, or a certain skill you were close to mastering- what happened? You were dogged down. He made you question yourself and if this was really the right path for you. He made you rethink why you were even trying to make, whatever it was at the time, more than what it already was. Killing your dreams, squashing your ideas, and making you overthink what he knew all along— that you can and will succeed; he turned sour and never let go of that horrible feeling towards you. He knows what he needs in his life to stay on the top of the food chain, and that is someone who stays behind in his shadow, bows down to his knowledge, and who doesn’t dare second-guess his actions.

He is the man among men when it comes to lending a hand, having the exact tool for the job, or wanting to make extra money. But when it comes to knowing how to express emotions, communication, and showing love- not from the wallet, but the heart- he’s worthless.

You have made your mistakes with this one, but it doesn’t mean you haven’t had that same heart inside your chest the whole time. He brought out the love in the beginning, which you never knew you had so much of…but after years of uncertain outcomes, the final outcome should have been in plain sight. You do know how to love a human, even after all the heartbreaks you have endured; but you’re too good for someone who isn’t sure about you.

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