If you are a baby girl

I pray that you go far in life,that you win and that you never ever pay for any of my sin.

I hope you find a man that treats you right and you listen to.

Let him work to deserve you baby girl that way you won’t question his love for you.

I pray that you protect your heart for everything comes out of that.

And remember you will need money but it ain’t everything.

If you’re a baby boy

I pray that it’s clearer to you as early as possible that the only person in your way is the man in the mirror.

And that if it hasn’t worked out yet,it’s not the end.

I pray that you know not everything that shines is gold.And son,i pray that you be a man of your words,no matter what.

And lastly but not least,to both of you.

I pray that you always put God first in everything.

NB.Inspired by Bank.W song.”to my unborn Child”.

– by Tuwalily

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