Time Tomorrowed

Heart And Soul

Trust your journey, heart and soul
Be honest, thankful, humble, kind
When you look inward, outward stole
Your light, they dimmed, but never mind

For those who mind really don’t matter
And those who matter you will find
Souls have no ears to hear the chatter
Only truth keeps love entwined

Be grateful, thank you yesterday
For memories we can now rewind
The lessons of the past, today
Repeated while the blind lead blind.

Facepoet by Michael Hodder

Wakey wakey… Hand off snakey. There’s an old wives tale that suggests masturbation causes blindness. And I feel that it is a very relevant quote in relation to how focus on short term pleasures can distract us and cause us to lose sight of our bigger picture objectives. Some would argue that the previously mentioned (Time Turned) world financiers are corrupting and conditioning the populations perception of the three currencies by deception of unreliable mainstream news and media.

Is our purpose money or love at all costs worthwhile? Are we really that cynical? Yes I said it. Cynical is an adjective that means believing people are motivated purely by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity. If concerned only with one’s own interests and typically disregarding standards reserved discriminatively for themselves in order to achieve, how does the collective gain while robbing each other individually?

Omnism is a belief that no religion is truth but that truth is found in them all. Keeping in mind that Omnism is a belief in itself. Acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude is the only way to move forward progressively and collectively with open minds. It all begins at the individual level. If you want to rise up and be better individually, you have to help others rise up and succeed. The capitalism mentality of becoming better by knocking others down does nothing for the collective.

Set yourself free by setting others free of judgmental and conditioning behaviors. To live for tomorrow we must live for more than just today. This isn’t permission by any means to squander today, that is not what I’m implying, you must live each day while being mindful that to live is seeing more than just today. I hope to see you tomorrow.

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