Time Is Killing You

Time Is Killing You

Do something
instead of
killing time.
time is
killing you.

-Paulo Coelho

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7 thoughts on “Time Is Killing You”

  1. Sometimes killing time is not a waste of the time, that is killing us all!
    Time is never wasted, when its doing what you want & your happy about it, even when it appear wastful to another~
    perspectives in the important things to each..
    I enjoy watching puddles gather rain & nature all day!

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Needed to hear that.
      Life is all about enjoying what you like most. Maybe I just love to wander in my thoughts. Just that at times, you forget this. Read a lot of perspectives each day. And it kinda makes me question my thinking again.

    2. I'm a little jelly… you have a massive audience to bounce ideas off of & gather perspectives from~ a simple quote & comment, combined with my thoughts..absolutely brought clarity to current issure I was struggling for some understanding. .. my answer was given from a strangers perspective & out of thin air. I enjoy your wondering brain that questions & hope ya don't stop !!

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