This is why they freak out on me!

They freak out on me…

Not because I am strong,

Not because I am demanding

And not because I am a bitch…

They freak out on me because I am not…

Because I am aware, understanding and honest

Because I am genuine and down to earth

Because I don’t hide my feelings or conceal my flaws

Because I am proud but I also manage my ego

Because I know what I want and what I can’t do with or without 

Because I have the strength to fight for what I believe in and what I want but I don’t pick a fight

Because I can persuade and be persuaded                  

Because I share my feelings, say what I mean and do as I say

Because I remind them of who they are and what they can become

Because I mirror their inner self which becomes more at ease around me

Because I show them their true abilities and possibilities

I can hold as much as I want to be held

I give all the things I need

I listen as long as I talk

I dance, laugh, read and cook

I know my music

I ask when I don’t know

I apologies when I do wrong

I promise and deliver

They freak out on me because my light doesn’t blur their vision

They freak out on my because my consistency doesn’t invade their privacy

They freak out on me because they are scared not of me but of having me!

Having what they once dreamed of and not being able to handle it

Having a dream come true and worried to ever have to wake up from it

Having what they thought impossible is actually possible and they would suffer no more

Having to stand up from themselves and take what they always wanted to make their own!

They freak out on me because I don’t freak out on them…

Because they can tell me anything and everything

Because with me they can no longer divert or conceal… but may also heal

They freak out on me because the idea of them not matching what I bring to the table freaks them out!


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