Things A Narcissist Say and their Meaning

 October 01, 2018

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Things A Narcissist Say and their Meaning

ILL NEVER LIE TO U( because my lies are my truth)

Have ever rode a bike, ( ride my bike, then ride me)

I love u more , ( away from me)

I could wait forever for u, ( because it just ended, your world anyway)

You are the only woman I’ve ever loved like this( I’ve used u longer because u were really a great supply for a long time I got over on u)

I want to be with you( only when there’s something in it for me)

I’m ignoring you, because I’m being kind ( joke) rubbing treating u bad , in ur face)

Just trying to do some things here  before I lay my bricks down( I treated u like shit for over a year & I still have no intention of living u unless there’s something in it for me

I’m not trolling the internet looking for women ( I’m desperately seeking attention from other women because I need a new source for my ego because u are on to me now, u know I’ll never do anything for u, I never loved u)

I have the forever kind of love( only for myself)

I love you, I’m not telling anybody I don’t have a woman ( anybody that ur gonna find out about anytime soon)

I don’t talk shit to them & tell them they are beautiful or call them baby( I call them all by pet names to make them feel wanted, while I ignore u because u are worthless to me)

I adore you, ( I HATE U)

You are beautiful ( when ur away from me)

You are my woman ( I don’t want u, only at my convenience)

, I LOVE YOU ( that’s what I tell u, but I tell everybody else, I don’t have a woman, I tell them about other girls I’m seeing)

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