They Come Back When You’ve Moved On

They Come Back When You've Moved On

They always come back.
Especially when you’ve moved on.

28 thoughts on “They Come Back When You’ve Moved On”

  1. Yes 30 years later…… first love. We were first married at 16 had our 1st and only son got divorce at 21. Both remarried. My husband passed 7 years ago he divorced. We both went to Hawaii last year and still are together very happy. A second chance we were given 🙂

  2. if i moved on. then he’s coming back..even if I still love him, NO. there’s no chance.
    and if he’s the one who moved on.. I Will never come back.
    all the pain while moving on is so tough.. like ur surviving from a battle.. then there he is coming back and telling he’s sorry and want another chance? NO F@&$** WAY!!!!!

  3. If they moved on how do you even have that option? If that one guy who has the secrets to my soul comes back no questions asked because I’m gonna bring him right back in our room turn on a movie curl up and finally get a few years sleep!

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