There’s This Thing About Memories They Never Change

Ravina Jain

There’s this thing about memories
They never change;
even though the people in it do~
We can close our eyes to reality,
but not to memories,
In the end, people are mere stories,
Recalled in minds,
to relive smiles and ease the pain,
Warm place to visit,
for comfort, time and again!

Karthik Parthasarathy

You fill my mind,
With all details in kind,
Every single thing,
We have done together.
The times we spent with each other,
Both good and bad combined.
Couldn’t erase anything from there,
That’s all I have with me.

M Jeyaram

My mind is the abode
of my guardian angel!
She is sitting pretty
to make me win all laurels
and standing ovations.
My life is a heaven.

Jaimie Mazzone

He never knew what he had
until it was gone.
A memory is all that remains,
oh how he wished
he could take it all back.
Now he knows actions speak
louder than words.

Drishti Nagdeo

You are like an imprint
on my mind.
Try as I might,
I cannot press ‘unwind’.
My mind is a home to you,
With you permanently residing there,
like molecules in the air.

Pam Clayton

I can’t seem to get you
out of my head
Every song you sang
Every poem you read
All the nice things
I took advantage of
You’ve moved on without me
Yet are still here with me
If only within my mind.

Rinku Shah

I never really got over you,
My feelings were true.
I still seek,
In my memories take a peek.
As vivid as can be,
You brought out the best in me.
All I want is another chance,
This time till the last dance!

Hrisha Paul

Nobody is winning.
Blemishes are growing over you,
over the one last picture
you’re holding for ages.
It’s time to look at your heart,
not in your head.


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