There Was A Time

There Was A Time

There was a time she had it mostly figured out. There was a time when answers seemed more clear, each step calculated and traced, the future mapped out, important dates recorded and circled. Life wasn’t easy, but it made sense to her. The world has a habit of making examples out of girls like her. Powerful, to me, is not the ones with all the trophies and brightest smiles, but the ones who’ve been left for dead and come up swinging. The girl with the bloody lip walking steadfast towards what she now knows really matters. Don’t show me the picture of the girl who has gotten everything she’s ever wanted. Take me to the girl with dirt under her nails from digging her own grave. Who’s made the same mistakes, isn’t afraid of regrets, and understands that life doesn’t go as planned. Life is unpredictable, so she learned to laugh. Life is hard, so she learned when to be soft. Life is beautiful, so she learned where to look. Life is short, so she learned to make it significant. Life is a bitch, so she became a better one.

-J. Raynond

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