The definition of wisdom is that emotions and rationality when come together and makes an association than wisdom creates the effects of true knowledge. The Lack of doubt and the lack of false knowledge  is wisdom. Apart from the false knowledge mind has need the true knowledge and it can come through pramanya (testimonies). Knowledge which is based on pramanya it is incomplete without the associations of emotions. Empirical knowledge as emotions and rational knowledge as idea prescribed the real base of knowledge and this base of knowledge known as wisdom. Finally it is a clear notion for true and false knowledge.


The equation and the derivation of wisdom are:


W=WISDOM (belief+idea)


E=EMPIRICAL (Emotions+belief) =E2


R=RATIONAL (idea+thoughts) =R2 (epistemically,morally and practically)




Equation and its variation


  1. W=E2 + R2

  2. W=E2 – R2

  3. W=E2 * R2

  4. W=E2 / R2


In the equation no. 1 the equation has positive charging. In the equation no 2 it is negatively charging. Mean while in the equation no. 3 it has the quality of multiplication. Again in the equation no.4 it has the fractionation.

Now question raised how these equations works in practical behavior and how does it measure the strength of true knowledge.


So let’s take first equation no. 1.The description of E1 IS:


W=E2 + R2


It does mean positive wisdom.


W     –     E2      =     R2


It does mean wisdom without the emotions and rational full.

W     –    R2      =      E2


It does mean wisdom without the rationality and emotions full.


The description of E2 IS:


W= E2 – R2


It does mean no wisdom.


W –    E2      =    – R2


It has the property wisdom without emotions and rationality.


W    –   R2            =    –    E2


It has the property wisdom without emotions and rationality.


The description of E3 IS:


W=E2 * R2


I t does mean wisdom has highly positive charging


W / E2   = R2


It does mean emotions are in the friction condition or under conflict with wisdom where rationality proves it selves.


W / R2 =    E2


It does mean rationality is being in fractionation and emotions are in it’s full of form.


The description of E4 IS:

W=E2 / R2


It does mean wisdom with the fractionation of emotions and rationality.


W* R2  =  E2

It does mean wisdom with full of rationality where emotions are having full of reflections.


W* E2 =  R2


It does mean that wisdom with full on emotions where rationality has its own reflections.


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