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The Zodiac Signs Studying Together

The Zodiac Signs Studying Together

The Zodiac Signs Studying Together  

Aries: Guys I’m BORED.  

Taurus: Grumbles. I’ll order more pizza.  

Gemini: This is soo easy, you guys are so slow.  

Cancer: Almost in tears. This is so much material to learn before tomorrow wtf.  

Leo: I’m twitter famous. I shouldn’t have to take this test, let’s do karaoke!!!  

Virgo: Highlighting every passage in the book. Shut the f*ck up Leo.  

Libra: Singing along with Leo.  

Scorpio: Knocks their head against a wall repeatedly and cursing under their breath.  

Sagittarius: Look at all this paper. Let’s burn it for warmth!  

Capricorn: I hate all of you.  

Aquarius: Getting stoned outside with Pisces and explains conspiracy theories to them.  

Pisces: Stoned out of their mind and nodding and not quite understanding what Aquarius is saying.


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