The Zodiac Signs On A Road Trip

Zodiac Signs On A Road Trip

The Signs On A Road Trip

Aries: “Are we there yet?! ” x100 times

Taurus: Sleeps the entire trip.

Gemini: Too busy reading guidebooks and spouting trivia about the surroundings to actually see anything.

Cancer: Tries to instigate road trip games.

Leo: Insists on driving the whole way.

Virgo: In charge of maps and navigation.

Libra: Gets pissed off when the others don’t like their music.

Scorpio: Moodily reads the entire trip.

Sagittarius: Backseat driver. To the max.

Capricorn: Gets monumentally pissed off at having to sit for so long.

Aquarius: The trip was their idea. Really excitable.

Pisces: The one that loves sticking their hand out the window and daydreaming the whole time.

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