The Zodiac Signs in Class

The Zodiac Signs in Class

The Signs in Class

Taurus walks in about 15 minutes late, they weren’t clever enough to come up with a good excuse so they just sit down. They seemed to have missed a lot because

Capricorn and Aquarius are debating on whether aliens exist or not.

Pisces claims to have been abducted before, so naturally they back up Aquarius.

Libra wants to join right in on the debate, but

Leo will not stop flirting with them.

Scorpio tries to freak
Cancer out by claiming to actually be an alien.

Aries is so bored that they have started a game of paper volleyball in the back of class with Sagittarius.

Virgo timidly raises their hand to remind everyone that they should be discussing the Civil War.

Boy, is Gemini glad they skipped class today.

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