The Zodiac Signs And Anger

The Zodiac Signs and Anger

Zodiac Signs And Anger

Aries: Always proves themselves right in an argument, normally doesn’t start an argument but knows how to finish one and they try to forget their arguments.

Taurus: They won’t tell you directly but will drop hints that they’re mad and if you don’t notice it makes them more irritated. They will explode when pushed to the absolute limit.

Gemini: They are very verbal, just lots of screaming, shouting, and sarcasm. They make it clear that they’re mad but sometimes hide what they’re mad about.

Cancer: They also drop hints and will progressively get more mad if you don’t acknowledge their anger. They can be passive-aggressive and will call you out if they believe you don’t care.

Leo: They will scream and fight and sometimes even throw things when they’re really pissed off, they will tear you down with their hurtful words without even thinking and they never forget what made them angry.

Virgo: They can take an unbelievable amount of abuse from someone before finally breaking and when they do, it takes a while for them to build back up. You could set them on fire and they would apologize for burning.

Libra: They try to keep things equal and will listen to your side of the argument and when the fighting starts they flee, they’re afraid of being too weak and will run away from arguments. even on the verge of rage.

Scorpio: Watch their eyes when they’re angry, they tell you when they’re irritated with their body language, they plan their next argument in advance and think of comebacks to make sure they win the fight.

Sagittarius: It’s clear when something has made them mad, they have an overwhelming amount of sarcasm and sometimes they create problems and make themselves angry.

Capricorn: They like space and keeping to themselves, sometimes you won’t even know that they’re mad but, they tell you that they are disappointed in someone or something but will forgive whatever made them upset.

Aquarius: They don’t like being mad and tend to get very pissy when angered, they don’t like arguments, especially when it’s about something small or irrelevant.

Pisces: They will confront whatever is making them mad or they will avoid it completely, it all depends on how angry they are. Winning an argument doesn’t make them happier, so they cry it out.


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