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The Writing Tools of 10 Famous Authors

The Writing Tools of 10 Famous Authors

Writing can be easy. If you do not believe that, you probably know nothing about writing tools used by experienced writers to find the inspiration, motivation and restore the creativity to work on the huge novel. Of course, these tools do not guarantee that your next novel will be a bestseller, but they give you a chance to find your own way of getting inspired, discover the tactics that help you stay more productive and unleash your potential as a writer.

 If you are ready to experiments, you will definitely love these tools and give a try to each of them. It would really be better to try each on practice, as only in this way you will be able to understand how they affect your results and what’s better to choose in different situations. Perhaps, the combinations of the tools will work better for you, so just check different options to find your own best way of making things better.

 Now we are going to share with you some productive writing tips that will help you improve your writing and start writing like a pro. Hope that you’ll find your inspiration here!

 Vladimir Nabokov and outlines

 George Martin hates outlines, while Vladimir Nabokov used them for creating his masterpieces. It would be better to try both these approaches to understanding how they may benefit to your writing. Perhaps, you will notice that while using outlines, you write better that writing without having the idea on how to build the structure of your novel.

 Mechanic or manual writing of Ernest Hemingway

 Another thing that you need to try in your writing is using mechanic tools for writing like a computer (if you have no typing machine which is a more authentic way of mechanic typing of the texts). If you prefer to write by hand, this may also be a rather inspiring option for your writing.

 Jack Kerouac and notebooks

 A good idea always comes unexpectedly. If you do not want to lose such ideas, it would be better to write them down just like Jack Kerouac did. You will always have an access to the thoughts that once came to you.

 Neil Gaiman and a magic fountain pen

 The tool that you use for writing can really be important for a writer. For example, Neil Gaiman wrote his award-winning Stardust novel with a fountain pen, and the habit of using it appeared when he had only 13 years old.

 Lev Grossman and pen simplicity

  To write a good novel you do not necessarily need to use fancy pencils. It is enough to use a simple pen and a sheet of paper where you will write down everything that you want to tell.

 Stephen King and longhand writing

 If you still hesitate whether to try writing by hand, you need to give it a try at least because one of the most productive modern authors Stephen King does so. For a long time, he used his Macintosh to create novels, by after a car accident he returned to writing longhand again. This resulted in a huge number of world-winning novels.

 Mark Twain and left-hand writing

 An approach to doing something with left hand has been considered one of the most effective to unleash your creativity. We would recommend you to use the experience of Mark Twain who tried left-hand writing as well.

 John Steinbeck and a pencil

 A pen is good for writing. But a pencil is even better. You can fix any mistake and replace any word without making your paper dirty. It’s a good tool for everyone who prefers first to write and only then to think.

 Jane Austen and garlic ink

 Today, the experiments with ink are quite common. However, when Jane Austen wrote her novels, she did not have the possibility to get some special ink. Thus, she used all possible means to create something unusual that will wake up her productivity. Garlic ink becomes the source of her inspiration.

 J. K. Rowling and nothing special

 To create a masterpiece, you do not need Moleskin and some expensive pen. It is enough to have a piece of paper, a pencil, and your imagination. J.K. Rowling made the drawings and the schemes for the characters’ relations with a ball pen.

 If you believe in lucky signs and if you have a special attitude to some objects, you should pay attention to the tools that you use. For example, if you have written your first novel using a pen with black ink and if black ink is something that you love, you should write your next novel with a black inked pen. So why don’t you try that? It costs almost nothing but it can turn into a masterpiece that will make you a world-famous author.