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The Word That Defines Your Life

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I am gonna share a secret with you, a secret so astonishing that after hearing it, the way you look at your life, the way you spend your time, the reasons why you are what you are.

Every decision you make whether relationship, money or time would become much better.

All the successful people have mastered that one word and put it in action consciously or subconsciously and it has rewarded them by physical equivalent.

You would learn the secret reasons behind your failures and the roads to achievements would be clear. You would finally understand the incomprehensible life and how to act in spite of all the struggles.

Let’s answer the 3 questions so that you would be crystal clear of the word and its importance and uses.

1. What is it?

The first question is about what is the word which could change your outlook towards life and help you achieve milestone.

The answer is “story”. Remember your three friends; one who wanted to make millions, the other one who wanted to quit smoking and the third one who constantly goes on a fat diet. 

Without proper desire and persistence they will never achieve it and when they don’t achieve it, they develop a lousy story that money is evil, I smoke to network with a business person or the weight won’t go.

These lousy stories keep us from our ability to achieve beyond our imagination. There are mainly two types of stories people make when they fail.

i. Stories that are true.

ii. Stories that are fake.

The true stories are more dangerous as compared to fake stories. I am smoking to network to other business people is more dangerous than the story of the weight won’t go because it may permanently stay in your mind without any doubt. 

Both types of stories keep us from fulfilling our desires even with the right strategy.

2. How can we apply?

Our only defense against the incomprehensibility of life and the inevitability of death is the meaning of our life.

We need to have a good story for our life in order to assume that life is like that to defend against the complexity of life but most average people don’t take enough time to think about the bigger stories in our life.

They only make stories around small aspects.

Remember the above example, the story of “I smoke to network with other business people”, it’s true that it might benefit to network with people but the real fact is smoking is not the only way to network with other people, but you also have millions of better ways to network. 

The same applies to every story you make in your daily activities whether it’s not being able to start your business with a lack of money or unable to go to the gym due to lack of time. 

Lack of resourcefulness was never a problem, lack of ultimate resources which are emotions(desire, faith, persistence) is the real problem. 

If you’re not taking action while the answer is right in front of you, you are creating an inner belief or story that why it won’t work. It’s easy to come up with a limiting story. 

Put it in your mind that whenever you are not taking action while the answer is right in front of you, you are creating a limited story. With a lousy story, failure is guaranteed. 

So take action and be someone who says I can and I will rather than making stories of limited beliefs.


Now we possess the knowledge of our greatest limitations that is creating a limited story and a set of poor beliefs consciously or unconsciously.

Change your story of limitations to the story of empowerment. We all have stories of limitations in our life. Use your story or it will use you.

Remember every successful people changed their story of limitations to the story of empowerment.

With the right story, all aspects of your life become better. Great people have used it to spark important movements, powerful legacies and create meaningful changes. Now you can too.