The will to be there… Or There for the will…?

Rinku Shah


The will to be there…
There for the will…?


Karthik Parthasarathy


All that care and affection, 
Shown to the elderly, 
Many a times, a sham and fake, 
Just to move forward an agenda. 
Not for the child, though, 
With all its innocence and love, 
It is bound to be confused, 
At the drama all around it.


Anindya J Ganguly


The false appraisals, 
the fake flimsy care
The faulty smiles beneath 
pitted spiteful layers
To my sweet old granny 
when she was sick
As a kid made me wonder 
& ponder for weeks
Where does my vast family hide 
their long nosey sticks? 
Shilpa Patel


We are unable 
to accept the inevitable 
so we lie to ourselves 
but the departing soul knows 
and comforts the bewildered child.
Sarying GD


Dear child,
I would rather die
and carry with me your empty stares
and innocent love,
than live with their loving looks
and deceitful hearts.


Cathleen Neese


Only a child will tell you the truth


Bill Lang


The only people who don’t lie are the dying and children.


Lori Ann Cieslinski


A child doesn’t comprehend
a last will and testament.

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