The Void


Chris Campbell

The Void


Rinku Shah

You were 
a large part of me.
Still are 
but I chose 
to set you free,
Isn’t this how 
true love is meant to be? 
Brenda Baker

YOU are missing



Monika Ajay Kaul
In a way, we don’t LIVE enough.
The moment we banish 
that CHILD within us.
Charl Lacorte

You are the missing piece of my existence.
I am here to complete myself
and the last piece is only your presence.



Richa Sharma

You were born from me



Jackie Zedalis

As I grow older,
there is a piece of my youth missing.
It hangs on a wall for me to see
and it reminds me of who I once was.



Sulekha Pande
Death liberates,
like none other,
one life is not enough,
to solve, the life riddle,
we incarnate again and again,
to find our missing pieces,
to pay our debts,
and to finally fit into,
the perfect piece
of the jigsaw puzzle.


Sarrvesh Waran
To be always young at heart.
Is really an art.
It’s easy as it starts.
But as life goes on,
A tired self is born.
And the youth is torn.
But the puzzle is complete,
When the lost youth 
is retrieved from obsolete. 


Mai Quesada
You are a reminiscent
of my younger self.
a picture of success 
and all achievements.
in my later years, 
made me realized. .
it was what am made of, 
now I can only look back!
Ceona Chambers
You became the best piece of me
Jasmine Deb Jamatia


A part of you dies in the process of growing



Avelina Mares

The piece of me that I always wanted to be



Robin Bitz
A piece of ourselves 
will always be missing 
unless we unlock the magic 
that’s held within. 

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