The Twin Flame Relationship: The Ultimate Spiritual Growth Catalyst

The Twin Flame Relationship The Ultimate Spiritual Growth Catalyst

I can’t imagine anyone saying no to having the opportunity to be with the person who can take them to the highest levels of ecstasy and joy. It seems like the highest reward we can hope for in exchange for going through earth school. That perfect divine love can and does exist. In some circles, this experience is known as a profoundly tumultuous, equally magical experience of connecting with your Twin Flame.


Maybe we are one soul split in half, or it is one of many souls, who holds our shadow and our light. It may even be that the encounter is designed to shine a light on all those lower feeling states we have learned to call love. Who knows what a Twin Flame is? Your guess is as good as mine. What I know for sure is the difference between a rocky relationship and one that short-circuits all your ego defenses and causes you to see all those places that need love and healing inside of you. The former offers choice. The latter is a divine assignment following your soul’s plan.


We have learned to romanticize the Twin Flame experience. It’s an easy one to fall into. There are millions of songs written in every language singing stories of loss. They are the tunes we listen to when we miss our lover or after a break-up. It is a universal experience. Then there are the romantic comedies where the lovers hold hands and walk off into the sunset together. They show us happy endings, but they don’t teach us how to love when the magic hits the fan. They don’t give us relationship skills, let alone prepare us for a Twin Flame encounter.


The truth is, we can’t be prepared for this type of experience. A Twin Flame connection is an ego-crumbling experience that will bring you to high states of emotional pain in order to move you through it. If it doesn’t, it is not a Twin Flame encounter.


When my Twin Flame showed up, he turned my life upside down and brought up all the issues that were buried inside the hidden layers of my soul. Through this relationship, I felt the depths of emotional pain and swam in ecstatic happiness- sometimes both at the same time. That piece he brought into my life, that intangible soul chip that I thought was gone missing, was the piece that ignited my transformation. Looking back at my life, I can see that it was about the perfect time, too.


Here is the price we pay for this beautiful union: we have to purify the pain and limiting beliefs we innocently hold onto about love and relationships in order to live it. We must transform ourselves and be willing to let who we knew we were ourselves to be, die. Much like a caterpillar building the cocoon herself and then freeing herself from it as a butterfly. Your twin is the initiator and the accelerator of that sacred process.


It is very likely that you will feel desperation and frustration among an array of other feelings during this ride. The highs are delicious. The lows are lower than one might have ever imagined feeling. To survive the turmoil of this encounter, you may start a feverish search for healers who might be able to guide you through this mysteriously magical upheaval. The challenge has just begun.


Maybe you had not been on a conscious spiritual path before or had been lollygagging with random meditation and classes. You had been receiving the call but kept hitting the snooze button because you had a life to live and Netflix series to catch up on. I am intimately familiar with trying every escape method to numb the pain that is awakened by this indescribably heavenly, yet equally testy experience.


Your Twin came into your life for you to learn to rise above false romantic ideals. The unshakable soul truths you access during this journey will bring you the most profound expression of love this planet has ever seen. This is the opportunity that will help you know and love who you are and develop the courage to share it on the earth plane. You are being prepared to be of service to humanity by using your divinely-endowed gifts. This is your initiation. This is your epic tale. Never-before-experienced exactly like this.

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