The Surprising Sides Of The Zodiac Signs

The Surprising Sides Of The Zodiac Signs

The Surprising Sides Of The Zodiac Signs

Aries: They really try to be good friends.

Taurus: They come over as traditional people, but they’ve some weird-ass hobbies.

Gemini: Can get really jealous sometimes.

Cancer: Will fight with you if you hate their family/friends/obsessions.

Leo: Actually really insecure.

Virgo: Can do things they normally never do out of the blue, like being awfully honest with you or even slapping you in the face.

Libra: Can get out of touch with their own feelings while they’re being overly sensitive at the same time.

Scorpio: They are really sweet and nice (if they like you).

Sagittarius: They have a hidden romantic side that they never show to anyone.

Capricorn: Aren’t boring but actually really funny and nice people to hang with.

Aquarius: They love cats so much they would let you burn in a fire and save them instead.

Pisces: They have a pretty aggressive side to them.


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