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The Society Where We Belong

The Society Where We Belong
Welcome to the place where all insecurities grow and every pain demands to be felt_the society! You’re in a place where everyone is expecting you to follow the standards and rules so as to fit in. Here, everything matters so beware of your actions, be cautious of your living, there are lots of eyes looking! This is a place where looks, wealth and fame matters most. You will be surrounded by all the judgemental minds who will weigh you for all that you are. They will convince you that you’re not good enough for something. They will destroy all the confidence you have. They will say no to your dreams and they will make you feel less than you are worth. You will entirely face the world of negativity. This might seem to be a really stressful and hard road to take_dealing with society. But whether you like it or not, you can never change the fact that you belong here.
You can’t simply run away or hide by all the absurdity the society has! The sad truth is we have no control of whatever this place will throw at us. There is no cure for the way people might think about. Either you live your life happy or not, people always have something to say, get used to it! If you would always care on what others will think of you, you can never be fully happy.
There is always something you can do. The society might break you but only if you allow to! You should learn how to ignore the negative voices around. Be true to yourself and if the society can’t accept you as you are, don’t mind them! Be who you are and who you want to be. Be strong and courageous enough to walk on your path. After all, it’s your life and no one else can take it over from you!
For as long as you’re not doing anything wrong and you’re not hurting anyone, you dont’ really need the society’s opinion and approval. You’re free to live your life the way you wanted. The truth is you don’t really need to please everyone. Sometimes, you have to make a difference. Remember, you don’t always have to fit in to the society, you have to stand out!.