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The Signs When Happy And Excited

The Signs When Happy Excited

The Signs When Happy/Excited  

Aries: Will smile the biggest smile you have ever seen. bouncy, grip on you  

Taurus: Heart eyes emoji, wants to hug someone, cutest blush, softest smiles  

Gemini: Will say something repeatedly to fill the silence, jumpy, hands on hips  

Cancer: They 100k down smiling or try to show Off, tries to 100k at you in the eyes  

Leo: Soft hold on you, leans in, bright grin and stares in your eyes, looks away  

Virgo: Talks casually but their eyes are shining, graceful smile, gentle giggling  

Libra: Squinted eyes, huge pretty smiles, friendly/excited pokes, Short laughs  

Scorpio: Half-smiles, pursed lips, loud chuckling, awkward but pretty to watch  

Sagittarius: Loud laughter, cheeky smiles, watery eyes, squeezed eyes, wide grin  

Capricorn: Knowing smiles, raised eye brows, acts stoic but is bubbly inside!!  

Aquarius: Tries to smother laughter, big smiles, face lights up, prettiest thing ever  

Pisces: Sparkling eyes, softest smiles, gentle laughter, avoids eye-contact cutely


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