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The Signs As Parents

the signs as parents

The Signs As Parents

Aries: He rejected you? I’ll teach that little son of a mf a lesson takes out belt

Taurus: Idgaf if you already gave me a million reason list of why you think you should go to that party. you’re not going because I said so

Gemini: So tell me how’s everything going with Jacob? are you still fighting with your friend Jackie? yeah and how about Rachel?

Cancer: Did you take your jacket? are you sure you don’t want to take some snacks? remember to put on your seatbelt and don’t drive drunk!!

Leo: Tell me how I look with this outfit on

Virgo: How are your grades? are you struggling with math? let me help you

Libra: Remember to be nice to everybody and don’t forget your manners

Scorpio: Listen you a little piece of shit I’ll give you till the count of three

Sagittarius: I think you look like a goddamn homeless person change clothes

Capricorn: Listen I know I can be hard on you with grades and everything but I still love you

Aquarius: Imao do whatever you want I love you

Pisces: Hugs you and kisses you and smothers you all the time


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