One night when light was hiding from the dark
winds were strong and trees possessed no lark

Someone appeared slaying the curtains of sullen haze
so bewitching like a trance straight in the eye with a deadly gaze

I wanna breakfree I wanna evade
lamming the ‘limitless’ to solace the fear of my spirit
a chill runs down my spine as it draws near
my mind clocking furiously whether to crusade or to be a fleer

Running away might be the easy pick
but I knew it will fathom me until I perish
for the other option I reckon to succeed

That’s the aim now, that’s the greed
to combat the rival to target the impossible
enriched with vigor trying not to be gullible
I confront the resistor imbibing the strength from one time triumphs

For I knew whether I win or I misplay
I’ll fete myself till I gray…

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