Stop Looking For A Partner

Stop Looking For A Partner

Stop looking for a partner,
focus on your goals
and rebuilding your life.
The right person will eventually
find their way to you.

-Robert Tew

67 thoughts on “Stop Looking For A Partner”

  1. Yes it is. Have patience and remember, its always best to stand alone then to stand with someone who pretends to love you. My ex was that way. I knew he was trying to manipulate me and I was tired of being abused. I left him. A year later I got into heavy drinking, and drugs but out of nowhere I met someone that I had no intention of falling in love with. This time I know its real. And no one but myself can realize that.

  2. Problem is with this quote that you are still thinking about finding someone. You might be focusing on your goals blah blah but the last thing the quote says is "the right person " will find you. So you are hoping this will happen. Better to say, " if the person doesn't find you, then you will still be happy "

  3. And yall women fall for the wrong ass men then. You need man thats not gonna play games and take care of you. Not you take care of him while he out there cheating and creepin. But thats nonenof my business though.

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