The Path Of Awakening

Path Of Awakening


9. Realization:

Once you have realized. There is nobody who will be happier than you will be. You will want to utilize the same amount of energy you have wasted for the wrong. For example the relationship for me.  After realizing, start using up all your energy to fulfill that dream. You know what? You know you can do it!


10. Self-actualization:

As Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid states, this is the most important part. The self-actualized state is when you realize everything around you and can accept everything as they are and can start working on making life better . I have realized I’ve hampered my career in the course of the relationship and I’m trying to figure out ways to rebuild it. I hae given up on feeling pathetic and sad about life. I have self-actualized myself to what is good for me and what isn’t.


There’s nobody who has the right to physically abuse you. If you can’t protest for your own self. If you can’t take a stand for your own self, nobody else will. Love is not the most important thing in your life but your self-esteem is. Try building your own self. If you are messed up. Think of the events in your life chronologically. The entire picture will be clear to you. Love yourself first else others will fear too.

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