The one bearing the most pain and burdens

The one bearing the most pain and burdens
Carol Whitesell
The one bearing
 the most pain and burdens 
lifts another hurting soul. 
Yuva Ranjini


The Deepest the hurt, 
lesser the scream. 
Mary-Ellen Bidwell


Sometimes the person being back stabbed the most,
alone with no one in their corner, can be the strongest
rising above it to help another who has been
back stabbed their first time.
While that person may have lots of supporters in their corner,
maybe they stay silent or hold back because they don’t know
how to help. Reach out to others who understand
your pain and have survived.




Karen MacLeod


The FE of a “Me” personality may lose
their logic and objectivity
to show a single pain
This catches the eye of
the feeling and knowing
FI from her own pain of multiple injuries
to hide inside.
Showing strength in
sense and sensibility
is unique in each
individual person
not always the individual functions 
of a personality type.
Therein lies the puzzling
tries of knowing MBTIs.
Sulekha Pande


I FEel,
you FInd,
I have been hurt too my friend,
our pain is of the same kind,
Let me tall you a secret
Oh the hurting one,
The largest dagger is thrust,
mostly by the people,
we trust..


Karen MacLeod


The FI in I
recognizes me
in the FE of you.


Rinku Shah


The broken and the bruised.
They care and feel more,
For they know what it is 
to be hurt and used.
Like a balm for the sore!
Arem Manalang


Let your pain and struggles 
make you strong to help others. 
Sherry Greene

Often it’s the most wounded
That can be like mothers
They have the empathy it takes
To take care of others


Khin Gyi


The more you are hurt, 
the more you are stronger. 
John Silver


Sympathy is for the weak
not the strong.

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