The Loving Other

The Loving Other

With a child’s first breath, and the times not set,  

From the past of so many others.  

The world will not wait, a quarter past eight,  

The birth of a Loving Other. 

That child runs free, with so much to see,  

Influenced by blinding others.  

Why can’t I be me, and run on the sea,  

The growth of a Loving Other.

The Loving Other

The liberated youth, strong proud to be,  

Naive from the wisdom of all others.  

None of that matters to he, you just do not see,  

The pride of a Loving Other.

The tears that sat, the midnight frats,  

That were shared with so many others.  

I will go on, I will be strong,  

The denying Loving Other.

The Loving Other

The cold dark depths, the moon with no steps,  

What happened to all the others?  

I now cannot eat, I now cannot sleep,  

The addicted Loving Other.  

The love once set, that was never half met,  

From that of a loving mother.  

Tip toes in the shadows, watching over his sleep,  

Surrounding the Loving Other.

The Loving Other

The colours of love and the weight of our lips, 

Can I truly understand another?  

My walls are brought down, without making a sound,  

The becoming Loving Other.  

The illusion of success, he’s never a mess,  

The ruling by many others.  

None matter to me, there’s only one me,  

I am The Loving Other. 

The Lone Wolf ~ J.S.W.

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