The Loneliest People Are The Kindest

The Loneliest People Are The Kindest

“The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do”

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  1. the war on drugs is a war on medicine. a war on blacks and police. its a war on doctor’s liberty to heal and our freedom to grow your self consciousness from seed to soul. Its a war on your understanding that drugs are money and money is printed under the disguise of cannabis and poppy flower. Its a war on our connection to natures sacred geometry seen only in carbon based life. The war is not about dope, its keeping you a dope. You must see that dope is the only thing that moves people. It’s the feel good drug behind every pleasure in your life; addict or not- its dopamine that oils the gears of your mind. It controls how good you feel, how motivated and sensitive you are at every moment of the day. Life is about moments, not money right? Dopamine in your brain is the pleasure chemical that controls everything you love even money! In fact, the popular serotonin antidepressant sold to millions blocks the absorption of dope in your brain. Whether you drink caffeine in the morning, pop uppers, downers, sugar, music, exercise, fatty foods, its because its dope! Get it, everything we put in our mouth increases dopamine like we’re babies. Its pavlov’s dog, we act like dogs and can’t see it. Cigarettes, coffee, crack, coke and cock! Even talking, especially inserting your foot into your mouth creating fear and then anger booming your dopamine levels. If your mouth opens your mind is flooded with dopamine. We are all born Dope fiends. Endorphins, opiates, oxytocin, anger, and dopamine are all dope— yes you are born a dope fiend as your basic nature.
    Folks, money is the physical representation of the dime bag (enough dope for the day). A day of my life has always been worth the same to me, 86,000 seconds. Pay scale is a never ending ladder. Whats your entire day worth? Cause going to work for the first 8 hours of your day might as well be 80% of your energy. If everyone grew outdoors in their yard they could not stop more than a few. People could overgrow the financial system thats based on gold rather than the golden frosty nugget as God intended in the garden of eden. People could trade their golden nuggets for others help, things and time. The female flowers will build community and connection while the male hemp plants can make clothes, bricks, paper, oil, whatever you need to survive. It cures boredom and stress, some of the worst suffering nobody is allowed to acknowledge. The forbidden fruit was obviously cannabis. Or was is licking the vagina? Funny Gays, Lesbians and pose the biggest threat to the worlds spiritual super-power.
    The medical and pharmaceutical culture defines our understanding of wellness by creating sickness they can medicate. The pill comes first, the medicine is invented, tested and then the disease is created through news media outlets. It like they keep remaking old classic movies with different characters. We know at any age you will trade your entire bank account for the drugs you need to live, addict or cancer patient. Real wealth must be grown from the earth over time, all business is taking another mans wealth. The only winner is the government who profits on every transaction.
    Only poppies and cannabis flower can grow outdoors from seed to thousands of dollars in cash. They print money as debt to balance the amount of drugs that flood illegally into the country. Money is fake, drugs are real! They’ve got us all by the balls!!
    UNLESS we all stand up at once and #overgrow the governments regulation of marijuana, the NWO’s world colonization will succeed. Throw seeds into your yard and others so they may reap what God sowed for us to enjoy. The kingdom of god is within, plant a seed and build your garden here on earth.
    They want to decriminalize and you’re suppose to be happy with that not realizing whats at stake. The cannabis grown in dispensaries is not grown in soil, hence, it isn’t medication. They want you to be super sick to consume it so it can’t solve the problem is was put here to solve. It was put here to be our main medicine. Its food, its clothing, its money on trees we can trade for others time, help, or materials! Wars are fought over this shit, come on people! Wake the fuck up and see the con.
    We don’t invade countries for just oil anymore, we invade for Poppies now. Dope is what creates unseen, unmanageable power for just a few. Money is not the problem its not understanding what money is. These powers are the dark forces that enslave our world known as the Five families. The massive inflation we just experienced coincidences with the rise in dope imports and overdoses. With the war on drugs, you create drug dealers when none were necessary before. Then you blame them for overdoses in the news. Years ago, they were trained professionals called shamans and healers. The wisdom of sages across millennium have been white washed and branded alternative medicine. Thats funny when you realize how backwards medicine has become. Afghanistan is where most of the worlds dope is grown.
    Dope is much worse than a gun in the hands of a psychopath. Believe it or not, its an overdose of dope that mades him that way. Yes. It can create an unstable ego so big it folds under its own weight. The crooks who write our drug laws in this country create the drug culture we live in today. Over Doping creates the physical and unbalanced freaks we love to hate today. Roger Clemons, Barry bonds, the Ceo’s, Trumps and Hitlers of the world. Too much of anything good can ruin you for life, but don’t worry your doctor is in charge, you don’t need to learn this stuff in school.
    Don’t we chase money instead of the real dream, feeling good about ourselves and what we freely choose to do with our time. We all have the same number of seconds everyday, not dollars. Doing whats dope and what feels dope is better than money. Freedom and liberty were the american dream not working to the bone as a virtue. I believe modern slavery is restricting knowledge of self and plant medicine unlocks the magic within us. Watch out, you may find your soul. you may find out you are the only god in the universe. What if all this were true? just imagine the kind of world it would create. Maybe the one you see falsely represented on your television screen imprisoning your imagination. Can you imagine what could be if you had the time to think about it?

  2. Not everything that’s bad turns everyone into someone bad some people have compassion empathy and love even having gone through horrific experiences emotionally and physically in their lives look at yourselves

    1. Andrew the word used in the quotation is “damaged”. Furthermore it’s states “most damaged”. Empathic compassionate people, however difficult their pasts, can hardly be described as damaged. They are resilient, sensitive and strong. Not “most damaged”.

    2. Charlotte Mallinson you are correct, I have love empathy compassion I’ve been stripped back by my life’s experience and I am damaged but I don’t try to hurt others to feel better in myself I’m not that egoistic. I understand some can be which is why we need to look at ourselves. I may not be explaining my perception very well it is nearly 3am for me.

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