The Little Infinity

I feel powerless when I write this. Not everybody in this world has got the power to life. Life is a large infinity. Some people are blessed with little infinity. They are still positive about it and live each moment of their little infinity planning their days and nights perfectly instead of causally spending. World is not a WISH GRANTING FACTORY for them. What they all seek is happiness in their little infinity.

They are unsure of whether they will open their eyes the next morning or not. But when they do, they live whole heartedly spending their days and nights following their hearts. They go on picnics, they laugh their heart out, they have the urge to live more. They have the urge to live more but their heart pinches when they remember they have got no big time on this earth but instead of turning away their face to this fact, they embrace this reality and live to make each moment left perfectly happy for them.

Ever wondered what we do when we get a day off from work? We sleep, hangout with family and friends, spend time with people that comfort us. Ever thought of spending time on making efforts to make others happy or doing things that comfort them instead of spending time just on our own needs and comforts? While in most of the case, we waste a day around doing nothing. When the “off-day” ends, we walk up to our “on-day” routines having a lot of chores to do and responsibilities to fulfill.

We get angry, laugh, get annoyed, smile, blush, get sad and may find someone to rely on. Every tried to be that someone yourself? Every tried to be your own ally? Ever shared your happiness with your own-self? Ever tried to find a solution of problem that bugs you by sitting and talking to yourself about possible ways of solving instead of seeking for a shoulder? Ever tried to talk to your inner-self when in dilemma to get a way clear? Ever tried to calm yourself down by accepting the situation that made you angry?

Well that’s the beauty of the people having little infinity. They are their own ally. They don’t rely on others as they are aware of the fact that someday they’ll leave and will be forgotten in some years. The people around them will learn to live without them and they’ll be no more than a mere suitcase of memory. They smile, laugh, get excited all on their own. They cry, get sad, get angry but have the power to heal themselves on their own. They may have a few or many friends but they are the controllers of their own mind. They are connected to their inner-self which is the greatest thing to live for, on this earth.

We have got a large infinity but isn’t this little infinity way better???

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