The Less You Respond

The Less You Respond

The less you respond to rude, critical, argumentative people… The more peaceful your life will become. -Mandy Hale.

22 thoughts on “The Less You Respond”

  1. Their objective is to engage you into some sort of debate and bring you into their negative energy field. My only defense is not to respond at all whenever possible. I can silently offer love and light to those individuals while I shield myself from allowing them to discourage or hinder my own positivity.

  2. oh! yah! i've been practicing that for quite sometime…with rude people i just give them a smile or i just avoid them; enters to one ear and goes out to the other ear…i have so much to be grateful for than to waste my precious time with rude people with so much negativity.
    Life is too short to waste time…use it productively and for the betterment of ones life…

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